Preventive Maintenance

HVAC technician providing HVAC maintenance servicesRegular preventive maintenance is critical for a successful building management program, as it preserves the initial investment in buildings and equipment, while enhancing the sustainability of facilities.

Preventive maintenance also helps determine overall costs and reduces disruptions caused by emergency repairs or replacement of equipment when it breaks down. 

Additionally, preventive maintenance programs offer equipment productivity and reliability while decreasing repair costs.

Benefits of a Preventive Maintenance Program: 

  • Energy Savings – Preventive maintenance significantly impacts energy usage and can help increase energy savings.
  • Extended Equipment Life – Proper maintenance can add years of life to equipment, and helps prevent unexpected breakdowns.
  • Consultative Facility Review – A full evaluation of a client’s facility is performed and recommendations are made to help their operation with cost savings.
  • Advanced Technology – Mesa Energy (dba EMCOR Services Mesa Energy) technicians have access to real-time information via iPad tablets, and eliminate costly, inefficient paper systems. Utilizing a vehicle fleet equipped with GPS systems, we provide clients with verification of hours worked versus hours billed.
  • Single-Source Solutions – Mesa technicians are trained to maintain entire systems and provide a single point of contact to support clients’ facility requirements.
  • Customer-First Philosophy – Mesa’s business success is the result of continually meeting and exceeding customer expectations, and the associated long-term business relationships we’ve developed over the years.

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