19000 MacArthur Boulevard

Our high-capacity compressor solution helped a nine-story office building pay for their HVAC retrofit in energy savings in less than 3 years.

Night view of the 19000 Macarthur Boulevard building in Irvine, CA

Value Delivered

To help lower maintenance and other costs associated with an inefficient air conditioning system in a nine-story office building, EMCOR Services Mesa Energy installed new Turbocor® compressors.

Our solution increased system capacity to 500 tons, while offering flexibility to operate at loads as low as 20 tons. This helps the client cool more efficiently after hours and provides the ability to condition select floors.

These oil-free centrifugal compressors also eliminate efficiency-robbing oil contamination, as well as mechanical maintenance and other issues associated with oil heaters, pumps, separators, filters, and disposal. Their gearless design with rotor shafts and impellers that float on a magnetic cushion also help improve system reliability.

In addition, the new compressors weigh 80 percent less than traditional compressors and require only half the space. Their quiet operation reduces noise and vibration, contributing to greater tenant satisfaction.

Because this new system draws less than two amperes on startup, the client reduced energy consumption by more than 478,000 kilowatt-hours. This resulted in annual energy savings of nearly $96,000. This more sustainable building solution also helps improve property marketability.

After a rebate of approximately $66,000 from Southern California Edison, the client recouped the project's cost in less than 3 years.

Client Objectives

The client was upgrading the air conditioning system in a nine-story, 154,530-square-foot office building, and needed commercial HVAC energy retrofit solutions.


Our mechanical engineers replaced existing compressors with leading-edge, high-efficiency, oil-free units. To further optimize operation, we:

  • Rebuilt the existing vane axial fans
  • Installed variable speed drives with high-efficiency supply fan motors
  • Upgraded the building control system to meet the new equipment's requirements, enabling the building engineer to monitor and adjust facility operations from his office

During mechanical system installation, we installed and tested each of the building's three circuits one at a time. We performed this work during cooler months, when the building's air conditioning systems weren't at full capacity, so we could keep two circuits running at all times. This enabled a smooth transition with no downtime.

Client Background

LBA Realty is a real estate investment and management company with office properties in major markets throughout the western United States including California, Colorado, Washington, and Arizona.