St. Killian Catholic Church

Our solar panel carport provides shaded parking while generating more than 80% of facility electricity on site with clean, renewable solar power.

Night view at St. Killian Catholic Church showcasing the exterior lights and stained glass

Value Delivered

St. Killian Catholic Church chose EMCOR Services Mesa Energy because of our extensive experience performing complex energy projects.

Despite a tight schedule and parking constraints, we were able to complete turnkey delivery of a 136.6-kilowatt solar photovoltaic carport project within their 60-day timeframe, with minimal impact on parking.

This helped the client gain independence from increasing electricity costs without curtailing operations or impacting the comfort of visitors.

Our solar panel carport solution provides parishioners the comfort of shaded parking, while generating more than 80% of the client’s annual facility electricity usage on site with clean, renewable solar power.

Client Objectives

The client wanted to reduce electricity costs with solar photovoltaic carports and demonstrate their  environmental stewardship commitment to parishioners and the surrounding community.


This project presented two critical challenges. First, the project had to be constructed while minimizing the loss of valuable parking places. Second, due to a pending change in utility rate schedule, the project had to be completed and permitted in less than 60 days.

We overcame these challenges using a staged approach to construction in areas that affected parking, while simultaneously working on electrical connections in areas without parking constraints. Our solutions also included:

  • Mounting 396 solar panels to two steel carport structures in the parking lot
  • Directional boring for conduit runs from the carports to the Church’s main electrical service panel to maintain a clean aesthetic and minimize parking lot patch-back
  • Installation of temporary fencing after each day’s construction completion

Client Background

St. Kilian Catholic Church is a member Parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange.