Residential HVAC Services - Heating

Residential_HVAC_325x263.jpgMesa Energy can provide the latest in residential heating equipment and technology, including both gas and electrically driven heating systems throughout the Central Valley and Central Coast areas.

Both types of heating offer unique benefits well-suited to different situations, and we provide complete installation and service for either system. However, there are significant differences in cost and maintenance implications between electric and gas systems, which clients should be aware of from the start.

Gas versus Electric Heating:

  • Gas Driven Heating: In most cases, gas installations of any type are more expensive to put in place and have higher maintenance and repair costs. But, once installed correctly, clients frequently find that lower operational costs and utility savings make up for the price of the initial outlay.
  • Electrically Driven Heating: Electrical systems, on the other hand, are typically cheaper to install, maintain, and repair. However, when in operation, they can push your utility charges up drastically—potentially eliminating any savings generated by lower up-front costs.

Our heating professionals will work closely with you to determine which solution fits the needs for your residence and budget. And regardless of the heating system you select, we will always strive to deliver the same fast, efficient, and reliable service.

To learn more about the differences between our electric and gas heating solutions, reach out today.