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Tony Ghafari

Senior Vice President of Engineering

Value Delivered

Tony helps clients analyze, evaluate, design and implement energy and other HVAC energy retrofit solutions engineered for optimum performance and long-range value. After gaining an understanding of a client’s wants and needs, he identifies options and recommends innovative ways to improve building energy efficiency and increase energy savings.

Once a project is under way, he monitors its progress to ensure that all engineering specifications are adhered to and that the finished facilities systems installation meets the client’s performance expectations.

Throughout the process, he also oversees systematic and effective application of the company’s jobsite safety standards and practices. In addition, by applying his knowledge of utility rates, he provides expert evaluation, cost forecasting and payback analyses for energy projects, helps clients obtain cost-saving energy rebates and assists utilities with rebate validation.

To keep the firm and its services on the leading edge, he also tracks and analyzes the viability of emerging technologies to determine which ones Mesa Energy can effectively incorporate into its core technology solutions.


Tony has more than 19 years of industry experience. After holding project manager and regional project manager positions with York, he moved to Johnson Controls, where he was area construction sales manager with a five state territory. He joined Mesa Energy in 2001 as director of engineering and business development.

Tony has extensive expertise in designing and engineering HVAC systems, and in analyzing their financial performance.

Over the years, he has also accumulated considerable knowledge of thermal storage systems, chiller plants, power generation projects, boiler systems and packaged rooftop units, as well as direct digital controls (DDC) and systems integration.

Among project categories, his specialties are mission-critical facilities, process/manufacturing plants, healthcare facilities and commercial high-rise buildings.

Tony holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder. To keep his HVAC systems design/build and energy reduction expertise up to date, he participates in various company training courses, seminars and technical workshops.

Tony is a member of the American Society of Energy Engineers (ASEE), the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

The Personal Side

Tony and his wife enjoy traveling and discovering new places. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, reading, riding his motorcycle, skiing, and working out at the gym.